MarpoDB - What's new?

03/07/17 - Version 3

We are happy to present our new release, which features the following changes:
  • We have reassembled our Cam-1 transcriptomic and genomic reads into a new dataset.
  • We have included the complete InterPro scan dataset, so now you can search by InterPro ID or GO term.
  • We have removed all unannotated and non-primary transcripts ( based on CDS length ), leaving clean dataset of 12722 genes.
  • We have added HMMER to MarpoDB feature, so now you can search for candidates using STOCKHOLM - formatted sequence alignments.
  • You can now assign names for genes, when you star them (only for registred users).
We hope you are going to like it. If you have any problems or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.